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NOTE: The garbage cans are located in a “BEAR PROOF” box near the front door. Food and garbage items can only be placed in the “BEAR PROOF” box. This rule is strictly enforced at Lake Village! The goal here is to keep the bears away from the front door! Failure to follow this rule may result in a forfeiture of your security deposit! (In other words if we are fined for your non-observance of this rule we will apply the cost to your deposit.) Failure may also result in a rather exciting up close and personal encounter with one of Yogi’s cousins! If you accumulate more garbage than can safely be placed in the “BEAR PROOF” box please take it to the security office where there is a huge refuge bin. Thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter.

We use a push-button type front door lock. The code is changed for each stay. Once we have received payment in full we issue you a 6 digit code that will work for the days of your stay.

Check In & Check Out Times
Check in time is after 4pm on the arrival day.
Check out time is by 10am on the departure day.

Hot Tub
There are two. A private one at the townhouse that seats 3-4 people comfortably and a very large one at the recreation center.

Obviously, rules apply to the use of the hot tub. There are posted signs for this.

The Chapter 5.40.090 of Douglas County code (Click on blue link to view entire code) regulates vacation home rentals in the Tahoe Township. The guidelines state the total number of guests per property is not to exceed the number of bedrooms times 2 people plus 4 people.

There are three bed rooms, a loft, and two twin bed roll-a-ways in the closet of the Master bedroom. One of the bedrooms has 2 single beds, one has a queen, the other has a king. Capacity is 10 people including the loft area that also has a queen size sofa bed.

We have a walk-up attached double garage with parking in front of our unit. You can also park a car in front of our garage (careful not to block the driveway for our neighbors. There are also several parking spaces across the driveway.

Please register all of your vehicles with the security office at Lake Village’s Office (at the recreation center). They have nothing to do with the rental of the unit, but they regulate the parking and provide security services in the complex.

The Cleaning Service
A laundry and cleaning service is included for your convenience at departure.

This specifically covers:
Vacuuming carpets/Sweeping and mopping floors
Cleaning bathrooms (Toilet, Sink, Tub)
Washing towels and linens and remaking beds
Cleaning the kitchen (Sink, Stove, Oven, Counters, table)
This cleaning service covers “normal wear”. It does not cover excessive or negligent wear. For example, if you happen to stain the carpet, we’re going to deduct the cost of removing the stain from your security deposit. In a similar fashion, cleaning up counter spills is normal; while burned remnants of food permanently adhered to the oven or stove are not, etc. Also, if any items are damaged or missing, we will still deduct the cost of repairing or replacing them from your security deposit.

We provide “starter” supplies. There will be a role of paper towels in the kitchen, a roll of toilet paper in every bathroom, Garbage bags in every trash can, hand soap at every sink, dishwasher soap under the kitchen sink, laundry soap at the washer and dryer. There will be towels in the bathrooms .

If you are going to stay a while or if you have a large number of guests you may want to bring or pick up additional supplies at the local super market.

Security/Cleaning Deposit
A security/cleaning deposit in the amount of $300.

The deposit will be refunded in full (minus any excessive cleanup or damage repair that is needed) once the premises are checked out after your departure.

Rent of the townhouse includes LOCAL phone calls only.

If you do not follow the directions above, you will be subject to forfeiture of your security/cleaning deposit. (e.g. forgetting to lock the cabin, leaving the heat on high, turning the heat entirely off, etc. etc.) The cost of remedying any of these problems will be deducted from your security/cleaning deposit.

If it has been determined that you have smoked cigarettes (or any other substance) in the cabin you will forfeit your entire security/cleaning deposit.

If it is determined that you have had animals (without prior permission and pet deposit) in the cabin you will forfeit your entire security/cleaning deposit.

In the event that your occupation of the cabin results in damages and/or cleaning costs in excess of the amount of your security deposit, you are liable for additional charges.

A reservation requires:
50% down (we “hold” the townhouse for 5 days to allow your check to arrive) with the remainder due no less than 30 days before the first reserved date.

Our cancellation policy is:
To refund any amount paid that can be recovered by re-renting the days reserved.

Lake Village Clubhouse

Parking Permits Are Required For Over-Night Parking, Obtain Permits From The Clubhouse Office.
Park Only In The Numbered Space For The Unit In Which You Are Staying. Additional Vehicles May Park In A Nearby Available Space Marked “Guest”.
No Road-Side Parking Unless As Marked. No Off-Road Parking. No Double Parking Except In Driveways If Space Permits. Do Not Park In Or Block Driveways Of Any Unit In Which You Are Not Staying.
No Boats, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles, Motor Homes, Trailers, Buses, Or Commercial Vehicles, Etc. Allowed On The Premises Overnight. Service And Trade Vehicles Are Permitted Only During Approved Construction Hours And Must Register At The Clubhouse Office.
Temporary Parking For Any Of The Above May Be Permitted For One Night Only With A Parking Permit. They Will Only Be Allowed To Park Along The Bank Across From The Clubhouse.
Parking Spaces May Not Be Used To Store Vehicles Or Any Other Property.
Failure To Follow These Rules And Regulations Could Result In Fines And/Or Your Vehicle(s) Being Towed.

Recreation Area
Exclusively For Lake Village Members & Their Guests, Residents, And Vacation Renters
You Must Have A Recreation Pass And Sign-In At The Clubhouse Office In Order To Use The Facilities.
(One Recreation Pass Issued For Each Permitted Vehicle.)
Children Under The Age Of 14 Must Be Accompanied By An Adult.
Maximum Of 6 Individuals Per Residential Unit Unless Confirmed In Advance. Otherwise, Limited To The Number Of Guests Registered To A Vacation Rental Unit.
No Pets Allowed, With The Exception Of Assistance Animals.
No Radios, Cassette Players, Etc. Unless Earphones Or Headphones Are Used.
Picnic Tables And Charcoal Barbecues Available On A First-Come Basis Unless Reserved At Least 3 Days In Advance. Please Have Your Picnic On The Tables And The Grass, Not On The Pool Deck.
Dispose Of All Trash In The Bins Located Around The Recreation Area.
Pool Cost Is .75Ë Per Game, Pool Cues (Up To 3) Are Available With Substantial Collateral Required.
Children Under The Age Of 14 Must Be Supervised By An Adult In Order To Play Pool.

Ping-Pong Balls Cost .25Ë Per Ball, Ping-Pong Paddles (Up to 4) Are Available With Collateral Required.
Children In The Recreation Area Must Be Supervised By An Adult At All Times.

Swimming Pool
Open Everyday 10:00 A.M. To 10:00 P.M. Mid-May Through Mid-October, Weather Permitting. Open For “Adults Only” Laps And Exercise From 9:00 A.M. To 10:00 A.M.
Swim Suits Required, No Cut-Off Pants Or Shirts Allowed. Children Who Are Not Potty Trained Must Wear “Swimmers” Diapers.
Shower Before Using The Pool. In Addition To The Indoor Showers, An Outdoor Shower Is Located To The Right Of The Pool For Use When The Pool Is Open.
No Alcohol, Beverages, Or Food In The Pool.
No Smoking In The Pool.
>No Rafts, Floats, Large Toys, Or Games That May Interfere With The Peaceful Enjoyment Of Pool-Side Visitors.

Hot Tub & Saunas
Open Everyday 10:00 A.M. To 10:00 P.M. All Year Round.
Swim Suits Required, No Cut-Off Pants Or Shirts Allowed.
Shower Before Using The Pool. In Addition To The Indoor Showers, An Outdoor Shower Is Located To The Right Of The Pool For Use When The Pool Is Open.
No Alcohol, Beverages, Or Food In The Hot Tub & Saunas.
No Smoking In The Hot Tub & The Saunas.
Pregnant Women And Heart Patients Are Advised Not To Use The Hot Tub & The Saunas.

Tennis Courts
Exclusively For Lake Village Members & Their Guests, Residents, And Vacation Renters
Open 8:00 A.M. To Dusk Weather Permitting.
White Soled Or Tennis Shoes (Made Specifically For Playing Tennis) Are Required. Dark Soled Or Running Shoes Are Not Allowed.
The Two Courts Located To The South Of The Clubhouse (Accessible Through The Clubhouse), Are Primarily For Serious Tennis Players. Recreational Tennis Players Are Encouraged To Use The Two Courts Located To The North Of The Clubhouse, Behind The Maintenance Building.
Courts Can Be Reserved For One Hour At A Time, And Will Be Forfeited At 10 Minutes Past The Hour. Limit Of 2 Hours Per Day Per Residential Unit.
Reservation Sheets Are Located Outside Of Each Set Of Courts.
Tennis Rackets (Up To 4) And Balls Are Available For A $5.00 Use Fee, Substantial Collateral Is Required.
All Four Courts Are Closed During Winter Conditions.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department Will Be Called For Any Disturbance After 10:00 P.M.

Lake Village Provides An On-Site Employee From 4:30 P.M. to 3:00 A.M. To Maintain Security.
No Loud Parties, Music, Vehicles, Etc., That Could Disrupt The Peace And Quiet Of Residents And Visitors.
Never Discard Cigarette Butts Anywhere On The Premises, Properly Distinguish And Dispose Of Them.
Only Outside Furniture, Gas Or Propane Grills, And Stacked Firewood Allowed On The Decks. No Furniture, Wood, Bicycles, Etc. May Be Stored Outside. No Hanging Of Towels Or Laundry Outside Or On The Decks.
No Charcoal Barbecues Allowed, With The Exception Of Those Provided In The Pool-Side Picnic Area.
No Snow Mobiling, Sledding, Skiing, Snow Boarding, Skate Boarding, Or Roller Skating Allowed.
Construction Hours: Monday Through Friday 7:00 A.M. To 7:00 P.M. Saturday And Sunday: 8:00 A.M. To 7:00 P.M. No Exceptions!

Pets Are Required To Be On A Leash And Pet Owners Must Clean-Up Their Pet’s Waste.
No Barking Or Nuisance Dogs Will Be Allowed.
Vehicles Must Be Moved At Least Once Every 24-Hours During Snow Removal Conditions.
The Dumpster In The Maintenance Building Is Open 7:30 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. For Residential Trash Only, No Appliances, Construction Debris, Etc. Do Not Leave Trash Outside The Door When The Dumpster Is Closed.
A Green Metal Bin Is Available For Hazardous Waste, The Guidelines For Disposal Are Posted.

Violations Of Any Of These Rules And Regulations Could Result In Fines And/Or Revocation Of Facility Privileges Which Could Include Expulsion From The Premises.

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